Funky Mosquito – Burning Disco Boogie Nine Minimix (2011)

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Funky Mosquito Burning Disco Boogie Nine Minimix (Bierhübeli Tribute) – Gorący imprezowy materiał, który dotarł do nas prosto ze Szwajcarii.  Ten pełen niespodzianek mixtejp zagości z pewnością na nie jednej imprezie.  Michael Jackson vs James Brown vs Blueboy vs Johnny Pate vs Danny Hathaway. This is a Bierhübeli-Tribute mix..for all thouse that missed the paaarty. Don’t miss it again. Happy dancing pleasure ! ..this track ist hot ! This track is hot like a sex machine, please don’t stop till u get enough. Ghetto or Thriller? Shaft or Blueboy..just remember me!!
By: Funky Mosquito


01) James Brown vs Led Zeppelin vs Run DMC & Aroeshmith – Whole Lotta Sex Machine (3:10)
02) James Brown – Sex Machine (Pecoe Remix 2011) (4:09)
03) Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa (Hawk Re-Edit) (4:29)
04) The Blue Boy – Remember Me (Ken At Work Remix) (6:19)
05) Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till u get enough (The Sly Players Mix) (7:03)
06) Michael Jackson – Thriller (Funk Ferret’s Furry Freakout Mix) (4:21)
07) Danny Hathaway – The Ghetto (Ken At Work Remix) (5:04)
08) Danny Hathaway – The Ghetto (Suonho Reloved) (6:55)

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Funky Mosquito - Burning Disco Boogie Nine Minimix (2011), 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 ratings